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Fragmentator (Data Compiler)

Represents textual content as a set of objects, - fragments. A special Code describes a position of required fragments in the Base text, e.g., words #10-100. Running the Code results in generating specified content. Enter Code, - get resulting text. Enter text, - get the Code. The Base text can be either attached to the Code file, or integrated into it.
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Platform: Platform independent
Language: Java application
Vendor: Sergiy Beloy
Keywords: base text, code result, code file, text, get resulting text, enter text, run code result, generate specified content, attach either, describe position required fragment, code, special code, enter code, data compiler, position required fragment, required fragment, set object, textual content, required fragment position, specified content, software, utility, tool, shareware, freeware, application, desktop, pc, program

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1. Foretype
Foretype accelerates text input. You can insert this guess into text by pressing TAB or ENTER keys. Foretype`s guess is based on the statistical analysis of huge amount of electronic text.
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Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP
Vendor: Foretype

2. Resource Compiler for Linux
Now, you can compile RC files to RES files under Linux and use them in your Kylix projects as you used them under Delphi or C++ Builder! The designation of SIRCC32 is to provide you with the full-featured resource compiler under Linux.
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Platform: Unix / Linux
Vendor: SiComponents

3. Txt2dir
If we would describe Txt2dir in one short line then it would be: It creates directories quickly from text. A) Enter the prepared text file by typing in the complete path or using the file menu or using the selection panel.
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Vendor: Shareware Hangvogel

4. HomePrint Publisher
HomePrint Publisher - This is a low cost, high quality, full featured home publishing tool for the professional and novice alike.HomePrint Publisher delivers the power-packed desktop publishing solutions that power users need to transform concepts into stunning professional quality communications.Both first-time users and experienced graphic designers will appreciate the intuitive powerful text handling capabilities of HomePrint Publisher. Enter text directly into text boxes, cut and paste, or import text from files.
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Platform: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003
Vendor: Cristallight Inc.

5. Binary Comparison of Files
Binary Comparison of <b>Files</b>Saving of the comparison results as a text file. Viewing of the found distinctions in any code. The codes may be shown as decimal, hexadecimal or octal numbers. The address, code and symbolical representation are shown for different bytes.
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Platform: Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME
Vendor: AX Systems

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