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Mybase Collaboration Server

Mybase networking edition enables you to access Mybase databases (. nyf files) thru LAN or Internet, or collaborate with your colleagues, or access your database at home from work or vice_versa via Internet. In comparison to the traditional Mybase editions, Mybase networking edition consists of one server application, running on a server computer, and a client application, running on the user's workstations. So-called Client/Server application. Mybase networking edition allows simultaneous multi-user read/write access to a collection of Mybase.nyf databases which reside on the server. Each Mybase client can mount any number of databases simultaneously so long as databases have been correctly opened on the Mybase server. Mybase networking edition offers a number of features which will enable you to run your personal or company databases very easily without complicated database/server setup and configurations, in fact, the default settings would be enough for you. The networking edition also allows you to add/delete/edit user/group within the client program over LAN or Internet.
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Platform: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
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